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When free isn’t free

by on Apr.11, 2010, under Uncategorized

Recently whilst browsing the web looking for a theme for Windows 7 i came across a site that offered ‘free’ themes. I thought my luck was in. The site in question displayed the usual advertising banners that most websites of this nature use to make money by directing interested users a particular company’s site. Given enough traffic this surely generates a modest sum allowing for the payment of some or all of the site’s costs. (Hosting etc).

This particular site asks you to complete a survey with a 3rd party company. From experience it’s never worth completing it. The buggers will sell your information to the highest bidder. I’ve been emptying on average 15 junk emails from my mailbox everyday since. And i didnt get my 10% off at Ikea either.

Whilst i understand that you don’t get anything for free. I hate the way that internet users are mislead in to completing fruitless tasks to get anything. Surely there are more user friendly and possibly more moral ways for honest websites to generate revenue. Many folks of the open source community are happy to put a paypal donation button on their sites.

I hate the selling of information without the users prior all because of some very very small print. Through the course of my career and internet browsing i’ve had the privilidge of being sat on both sides of table. I’ve dealt with customers who have no idea how someone got their mobile phone number and i’ve been the customer whom has been cold called and been offered the supposedly best handset on the market.

Take my advice make sure you know whom you give your data to.

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