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Why open source is the way forward

by on Feb.07, 2010, under Uncategorized

I think I’ve chosen a rather hot topic as my first post. Whilst working in the I.T industry I’ve had my eyes opened to the world of open source by my colleagues. And to be fair I’ve never looked back.

First came Mozilla’s Firefox. What a brilliant browser this is. So much faster, safer and just all round more pleasant that clunky old IE. I’ve never looked back since starting with v2.5. I can understand Microsoft’s unwillingness to offer other browser with Windows. To be honest, if I could choose browsers when installing it would be Firefox every time.

I suppose the ultimate open source achievement must be Linux. The only Linux distro I have any experience of is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is awesome. There is no other word for it. Just pop the cd in, use as an installation disc or as a live cd if you can’t make your mind up! I’ve used Ubuntu on two machines, firstly my Sony Vaio and on my current Dell Inpsiron. Both times the machines have worked perfectly.

The biggest thing about ubuntu is that it brings a new definition to customisation. In windows you can take out some components and change themes fonts etc. Ubuntu allows you to change anything, you don’t like the power module change it. prefer another text editor just change it. A few clicks and its done. You can use the package manager to change pretty much anything, DTP suites, media players, there’s even support for the iPhone. I even managed to get Citrix XenApp on it and it was so stable. No wonder the French police use Ubuntu.

More than anything it’s the open source community, I had some trouble with getting the Citrix XenApp package to work. Just a few minutes googling and I’d had found the answer. And that’s the thing, just post your problem in a forum and you’ll get an answer in an hour or two. Everyone comes together and helps. Apps are written, the source code is shared, if you think you can improve or add to someone’s code, just ask their permission and make your changes. If you’re impressed just donate.

This is what the internet was meant to be. The free exchange of information, knowledge and quality software. The open source community reminds me that the scum who write viruses and worms are the minority.

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